Anonymous asked:
If I come off anon can I please have advice? xx

of course!

Anonymous asked:
Seeing as your tumblr name, it's most likely you're a guy... Is it bad that I'm 16 and a virgin? I know this has been asked to you but I really want an answer. And can you post a pic of yourself? (No nudes just your face XD)

actually, I’m a female. I’ve posted pictures of my body before. Seeing how I do have a job and a lot of people use tumblr, I do not want to risk anyone seeing my face and being associated with this blog.

No, it is not bad that you are a virgin still. Most of my friends started having sex at age 18. So you are fine.

girlyyummm asked:
heyyyy i think you'd like my blog ;)

I do, followed ;)

Anonymous asked:
What other sex video URL is there?

are you asking what porn websites I use? If so, I reblog any videos I find on tumblr that I like. But usually when I watch porn I always go to

Anonymous asked:
do you have any videos of yourself on here?

I don’t have videos of myself, I used to have photos on my main page. I don’t remember if I took them down.

orgasmicsports asked:
Hi I love your blog and was just wondering if you could give my blog a little promotion? I only ask since I'm sure you have a million followers lmao I'll be posting mostly porn (much of which from your blog) but I'm just starting!:) if not thanks anyways;)

Of course and thank you for reblogging a lot of what I post. I’m sorry I couldn’t reply sooner. But better late than ever!

I followed you by the way.

Anonymous asked:
I saw a video where a blonde girl was in a library fucking herself on a dildo... Do you know where that's from???

I just tried searching for it, the only one that came up was through

Anonymous asked:
Can you post more vids?

I don’t think I will be able to anymore. Apparently we can not post those kinds of videos on tumblr and if I get caught with it, they will delete my blog. I am trying to look into it so I will let you guys know what happens.

Anonymous asked:
I am literally so fucking wet right now because of your posts. I just had the best fucking orgasm.

that’s what I’m for ;)